One more day until R-C!

(besides the camp site map, it also has a roadmap if you need it and the Ranger’s phone number on it for emergencies.)

A couple of things to mention about camp this year :
1.       The scouts and scouters (leaders) wear their class A uniforms for registration.
2.       The scouts and scouters wear their class A uniforms (shirts) for the Evening flag ceremonies each day at camp.
·         So don't forget to bring your uniform shirt, but you don't need your hat since they issue everyone a hat at registration - if you want to bring your scout hat, you can wear it instead of the camp hat. 
·         Also, I recommend that you take any pins, webelos colors, and hanging patches off of their uniforms prior to coming so they don't get lost. 
·         There is no need to bring your neckerchiefs and slides.  The neckerchief slides tend to get lost.  I reviewed some past R-C flag ceremonies and some scouts had neckerchiefs and some did not across all of the packs. 
·         You will want to bring your Pack 513 T-shirt to wear whenever you want to show your spirit!